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Arnout Dijkhuizen kopie

Astanor Fund II

Astanor Ventures' Fund II invests in agrifood systems that regenerate soil and human health. The fund's broad agrifood scope includes investing in both sustainable novel materials and the regenerative use of agricultural resources.

About Arnout Dijkhuizen

Arnout has always been engaged with bringing people in motion and impacting people’s lives positively and sustainably.
Before joining Astanor in 2021, he has been leading Engie’s global business to make clean cooking solutions more affordable for the 3 billion people still cooking on wood and charcoal. Prior to that Arnout has led VC and M&A deals in sectors like Access to Energy, Mobility and the Energy Transition spanning Europe, Israel, Africa and Asia. 

Arnout has a passion for teams and products that are inherently more sustainable, boosting the system to a higher level, and supporting them to grow into successful ventures.