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Lisette Schuitemaker

One of the first to join Pymwymic in the mid-90s, Lisette Schuitemaker was an impact investor before the term was coined. She had just sold her communications agency, which she couldn’t continue once she started to wonder about the values of the companies she and her team worked for. Since all innovation arises from what we become aware of, she flung herself into the world of personal and spiritual development, conscious living, and what began to be called sustainability.
Originally having studied the Classics in Leiden, in 2006 she obtained a BSc in Miami in Healing Science.

Lisette has served on boards of several groundbreaking organizations such as Stichting Milieubewustzijn (NL), the Findhorn Foundation (UK), and the Center for Human Emergence (NL). She is the current chair of the board of Pymwymic, the pioneering cooperative that invests in regenerative agriculture and healthy food. She is also the author of several books on how our inner perceptions colour our view of ourselves and the world.

A lover of this one life we share, Lisette is keen to enter into conversations in which a deeper awareness reveals itself.