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PYM stems from the first impact investment community in Europe, the Put Your Money Where Your Meaning is Community (Pymwymic) founded in 1994. Pymwymic has developed into an impact fund. To grow the investor community and facilitate collaboration, we founded PYM as an independent foundation.

As investors, we have benefited from collaborating and exchanging ideas with several impact investing communities, banks and family offices. We wanted to open up our community to every wealth owner who is interested in investing their capital consciously.

Liet van Beuningen
Maurits Schouten
Philippe Lambrecht
Laura Koenders
Rogier Mul
Alexandra Korijn
Ignaz Anderson

Our board

  • Liet van Beuningen (chair)
  • Frank van Beuningen (secretary)
  • Maurits Schouten (treasurer)
  • Myleen Verstraete (board member)
  • Veerle Berbers (board member)
  • Philippe Lambrecht (board member)

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