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Jan Willem

Sustainability and finance have been linked for Jan Willem throughout his working life. In 1990 he started as an independent asset manager at the request of Nationale-Nederlanden. He was half shareholder in the firm and was allowed to determine the details himself. It became sustainable investing avant la lettre. 

In 1993, Jan Willem stood at the foundation of the Social Venture Network Europe. This united sustainable entrepreneurs from the very beginning, including the owners of Body Shop and Ben & Jerry's. He then co-founded Pymwymic, the first sustainable venture capitalist in the Netherlands. From 2008 to 2018, Jan Willem's asset management business was housed at the sustainable ASN Bank. After a management buyout, it became independent again: Fair Capital Partners was born, an investor and asset manager with a sustainable mission. 

Jan Willem has since stepped down as managing director of Fair Capital Partners and guides high-net-worth individuals and their families on the path to investing for a better world. He is also active with several foundations and investment funds, including the family fund.

Impact investment themes

Biodiversity, energy and water-sanitation