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Introduction to
Sustainable and Impact Investing

Wednesday 20 September 2023
15:30 - 17:00 CET (Online)

This workshop is intended for private investors*.

During this 1.5-hour online interactive session, you will be introduced to the basics of impact investing and sustainable investments, and how they can be applied to your own impact journey. 

We discuss how to define impact and the various impact themes, how you can have an impact through all asset classes, and how the ecosystem works.


Nathalie Nebelius

Membership Engagement Manager of Toniic Europe, who has been a facilitator of impact investing for almost a decade

Veerle Berbers

Co-founder of PYM and Impact Investor for nearly 2 decades.

The format will be interactive, with plenary presentations and small break-out sessions for discussions among the participants.

Our goal is to give you some tools and frameworks to start deploying your wealth in alignment with your values. On top of that, experienced impact investors will give you an insight into their personal portfolios, providing you with examples of how to get started.

"Refreshing approach to sharing knowledge and experience in the transition from traditional investing to consciously investing for positive impact and systemic change."


"I left the event with a lot of food for thought!"


"Great to get a broader view on the ' investment landscape' and to investigate your options besides traditional investment in Real Estate, stocks , bonds or funds


What is PYM

PYM is an independent foundation that connects and guides wealth owners to invest their capital consciously for a better world. We are a peer-to-peer community of families, philanthropists, individual investors, family offices, and foundations.
We believe in the power of money as a force for good. That is why we promote listed and non-listed impact investing. You can invest successfully in businesses, directly or through funds, that have a purpose beyond profit.

We focus on investors in the Benelux, but we welcome everyone who shares our goals to join us.

What is Toniic?

Toniic is a global community of asset owners seeking a deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital. Their members consist of around 500 high net wealth individuals, family offices, and foundation asset owners who are deepening their impact across the spectrum of capital and personal resources in more than 25 countries around the world.

Toniic supports the global impact investing ecosystem by offering freely available public goods through their field-building activities, in partnership with other industry leaders.

* An accredited investor has a minimum investable wealth of €500.000,-

** The content of this event does not constitute professional and/or financial advice but is intended to give you a flavor of what is out there in this field. 


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