PYM Belgium Impact Day (3)

PYM Belgium Impact Day
Tech4Good: Inspire. Connect. Impact.

Wednesday 25 September 2024
13:00 - 22:00 in Brussels

PYM Belgium Impact Day (3)

PYM Belgium
Impact Day
Inspire. Connect. Impact.

Wednesday 25 September 2024
13:00 - 22:00 in Brussels

We are thrilled to welcome you to a journey into the future for the PYM Belgium Impact Day 2024 ‘Tech4Good’.

Step into the future at our cutting-edge venue, Living Tomorrow, where innovation meets inspiration and technology drives impactful change. Our event, Tech4Good, is a unique opportunity to envision a better world in 2030 and beyond, where software and hardware technology complement each other seamlessly. And technology not only solves today's pressing issues but also creates new possibilities for tomorrow.

We warmly invite all private wealth holders, whether experienced or new to impact investing, to join us.

*We would love to welcome more NextGens to our community. Therefore we offer a 30% discount for all (future) impact investors under the age of 35. Contact to receive the discount code.

Learn from Thought Leaders

Join industry leaders and innovators who are redefining the realms of health, education, climate, agriculture, and the global South. Our keynote speaker, Amit Pradhan, a seasoned investor and advocate for frontier technology, will share insights on how AI, blockchain, and other exponential technologies can create a net positive impact on our planet and society.

Our Keynote speaker

Amit Pradhan

Once we get past what I call ‘Hollywood’s version of AI’ and the hype-cycle around cryptocurrencies - the true impact of both AI and the Blockchain on our civilization will be life-changing” 

Amit’s purpose is to invest in and create exceptional founders who aim to positively impact the humans they intend to serve.  

As a seasoned startup founder, investor, and speaker, he spends his time creating, evangelizing and investing in the latest in frontier technology used to create a net positive impact on the planet and the lives of the humans who can benefit from it the most - regardless of their economic status or access, including the most vulnerable and disconnected populations on the planet.

Amit believes that unlocking the true power of exponential technology, like AI, Blockchain, Quantum and more, means we can create new access, inclusion, monetization opportunities and a longer-term and more complete economic return on solving the more challenging problems this planet faces. 

Engage with Change-Makers

Connect with like-minded individuals committed to driving meaningful change. From interactive breakout sessions with experts from impact funds investing in tech4good to informal networking over a walking dinner, you'll have ample opportunities to engage with leaders who are at the forefront of sustainable and impactful investing.

Expert speakers from impact funds investing in tech

Explore Cutting-Edge Innovation

What will the world look like in the year 2030? You can experience it via a tour of Living Tomorrow's Digital Experience Center.
The way we work, the way we live or the way we transport ourselves. Living Tomorrow sees no question marks but a canvas to paint with dreams and visions of the future. That canvas is the new Digital Experience Center in Living Tomorrow's Innovation Campus, where discovery awaits at every turn. Step into a world of innovation and exploration as you uncover the latest technologies and trends shaping our future.

This is an optional 30-minute tour which is included in our 'Full conference, incl. Innovation Tour' ticket.

While our focus is primarily on private wealth holders in the Benelux region, we warmly welcome anyone who shares our goals and aspirations. We do ask impact investing professionals to be joined by at least one private wealth holder to ensure a diverse and collaborative environment for fruitful discussions.

"Great atmosphere, wonderful speakers, interesting talks, and like-minded people"

Attendee 2022

"It IS worth the time, to engage with - and meet - like-minded people and share stories, fears, desires, etc."


"I am hugely energized by the event and reconnected on a deep level to the why of my choices."


The program

13:00 | Innovation Tour (Optional)
14:00 | Registration & Coffee
14:30 | Welcome by the PYM Team
14:45 | Keynote by Amit Pradhan
15:30 | Expert Presentations
16:00 | Break
16:30 | Expert Presentations
17:15  | Q&A Breakouts
19:00 | Cocktails & Networking
20:00 | Dinner with inspiring expert speakers

What is Living Tomorrow?

Living Tomorrow is an innovation platform that connects customers, partners, markets, and government contacts. It represents an inspiring and vibrant ecosystem with more than 80 partners. Their ambition is to act as a catalyst to substantially accelerate innovation. "Together, we write tomorrow's story and build visions so that we are ready for the future."

What is PYM?

PYM brings together private wealth holders around the kitchen table to have confidential conversations about money and collaborate on initiatives for a better world. We are a neutral peer-to-peer community of families, philanthropists, individual investors, family offices and foundations.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of money as a force for good. That is why we strive to inspire other wealth holders to consciously use their resources to contribute to a better world. By investing in purpose-driven companies, either directly or through funds, we can make a positive impact beyond financial returns.

While our focus is primarily on private wealth holders in the Benelux region, we warmly welcome anyone who shares our goals and aspirations to join us.

* The content of this event does not constitute professional and/or financial advice but is intended to give you a flavour of what is out there in this field. 


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