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Investor Table
Food & Regeneration

Wednesday 28 June 2023
19:30 - 21:30 CET (Online)

In this interactive session, you will dive into the topic of Food & Regeneration 
and how you can approach it as an impact investor.

The following impact investors and organizations will share their thoughts

With introductions by

Corien Botman

A few years ago Corien Botman's life as a journalist and writer of young adult novels took a sudden and irreversible turn. Thanks to the legacy of her late father Jan, a successful Hema franchiser, she is now able to help restore life on earth. Not hindered by relevant knowledge of business, finance, or economics, but led by her creative writer's mind, wonderful advisors, and an inspirational network, Corien has found her way.

Corien teamed up with Commonland, launching a €2.5 million donor-advised fund to catalyze regenerative agriculture in Europe and Africa. By doing so, this philanthropic money has a measured impact on the holistic, large-scale restoration of landscapes, which is business-driven. Her personal investments in nature, regenerative agriculture, sustainable forestry, and ecotourism are aligned with the grant funding. 

Fernando Russo

Fernando is a Brazilian entrepreneur currently living in Amsterdam where he manages Meraki Impact, the impact investment arm of his family's single-family office in Brazil. Meraki was born out of his calling to preserve forests, restore degraded land and biodiversity, and combat deforestation.  

Fernando now leads the family office to a 100% impact portfolio across all asset classes. He directly manages investments aimed at changing agriculture and our food systems to regenerate the planet.


Aqua Spark

Stephanie Rakels 
Chief Development Officer

AquaSpark is a Dutch investment fund that invests in sustainable aquaculture businesses generating investment returns while creating positive social and environmental impact. The fund invests globally in SMEs that are working towards the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish, and plants, in a way that does not harm the health of the planet. 

As Director of Development and Investor Relations, Stephanie brings in-depth knowledge of the fund and its investment strategy to Aqua-Spark. 
Stephanie has been with A-Spark, the investment vehicle that launched Aqua-Spark, since its inception. As one of the lead investment managers, she oversaw a broad range of investments and helped develop the investment strategy in aquaculture.  Stephanie also built Aqua-Spark’s Expert Network, a group of fifty of the world’s foremost aquaculture experts. 

Astanor Ventures

Hendrik Van Asbroeck 

Hendrik joined Astanor Ventures as a Partner in 2020, bringing to the team two decades of business and board management in the energy sector where he has held multiple line management roles.

He has extensive investment experience from his time at Engie New Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund that he founded in 2014 to invest globally in cleantech start-ups. Having worked since 2000 on clean energy that has disrupted the traditional energy sector, Hendrik believes that it is now time to enable a new era for the food and agricultural sector, which has an even bigger impact on our climate and local environment than the energy sector.


Maarten van Dam 

Maarten joined Pymwymic (the Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community) 7 years ago as a member of the management team. Within this impact investment cooperative (with a focus on healthy food systems) his main responsibility is investor relations and business development.

With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Maarten is driven to get things done. His passion for food, agriculture and SMEs led him to also become a board member of the 200-year-old agricultural cooperative Wilhelminapolder and the SBNL Nature Fund. He is also co-owner of two sustainable timber companies.

Five years ago Maarten, his wife and three daughters decided to continue "Putting their Money Where Their Meaning Is" and develop their own farm in Leersum, where they showcase the latest developments in nature-inclusive agriculture.

Van Lanschot Kempen

Richard Jacobs
Managing Director

Richard is the managing director of the Private Markets team with a primary focus on agricultural land. 

Prior to joining Van Lanschot Kempen, Richard co-founded Altis Investment Management, an independent asset manager with offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands, after working at ABN Amro Bank and Morgan Stanley in London.

He grew up on a family farm (potatoes and beets) and still spends his weekends and vacations growing organic wine grapes, grains and vegetables on just a few acres. 

Richard received his Master's degree in Econometrics from the University of Maastricht.

After the presentations, you'll split off into breakout groups, where the speakers answer your questions. 

* The content of this event does not constitute professional and/or financial advice but is intended to give you a flavour of what is out there in this field. 

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