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Wednesday 3 April 2024
15:30 - 17:00 CET (Online)

In this interactive session, you will learn more about what drives investors to invest in a fund of funds and how you can make an impact with your assets this way.

Impact investor Idgar van Kippersluis will share his personal experiences and four experts present how they are making a difference with their fund of funds.

The theme will be introduced by:

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Idgar van  Kippersluis

Idgar van Kippersluis is a passionate impact investor with a broad portfolio including direct investment, funds and funds-of-funds. He started his career in management consulting and subsequently founded a hands-on private equity business. After almost twenty years of managing that business, he decided to step down as he became increasingly interested in creating more planetary and societal impact. His mission is to combine the power, dynamism and innovation of our capitalist system with more sustainability, equality and fairness.

Read more in our interview with Idgar.

The following experts will share their expertise

Anthos Fund & Asset Management

Johanna Brenninkmeijer - Managing Director Multi-Asset Impact Investing

Anthos Fund & Asset Management is a values-based asset manager which invests with sustainability, human dignity and corporate citizenship in mind while delivering financial returns.

Johanna Brenninkmeijer's career has spanned asset management, retail and various philanthropic roles. Her career began in apparel retail, at C&A, working across Europe and Latin America, where her last post was in São Paulo, as Head of Buying for C&A Brazil.

In addition to her work at Anthos Fund & Asset Management, Johanna is currently active within Porticus, which coordinates the philanthropic efforts of the Brenninkmeijer family, as Chair of Porticus' Society Investment Committee and a member of the Porticus Latin America Regional Investment Committee.

Johanna holds an MA (Hons) in psychology and business administration, first class, from the University of Edinburgh.

Carbon Equity

Rikkert Beerekamp

Carbon Equity is a fund-of-fund with a mission to mobilise as much capital as possible to invest in climate solutions in the EU and the US. Since 2021, they have mobilized EUR 200m from 600+ investors and committed to 15 funds that have already invested in 100+ underlying companies.

Rikkert Beerekamp has been active in private equity for more than 25 years. The first 6 years as a fund investor while at Alpinvest, then 14 years at several GPs, of which Avedon Capital Partners was his latest fund. For the last 5 years he worked in impact investing. 
Within impact investing Rikkert has been a partner at Zamo Capital, Chief Impact Officer at AquaSpark and recently joined Carbon Equity, as head of professional solutions. 

Van Lanschot Kempen

Simon Oosterhof - Lead portfolio manager Global Impact Pool

Simon is the lead portfolio manager of Van Lanschot Kempen’s Global Impact Pool. This fund was established in 2018 to pool capital from Van Lanschot Kempen’s institutional and private banking clients to achieve scalable impact. 

Simon joined Van Lanschot Kempen back in 2017 where he's part of the Manager Research Solutions team. This team is responsible for the selection and monitoring of external funds across all client portfolios. 

Simon has a long track record in the financial industry. From 2008 to 2017 he worked for UBS Wealth Management, where he held various roles, including manager selection. He has a degree in Finance from the University of Amsterdam and is a CFA charter holder.

Wire Group

Michiel Lenstra - Chief Conscious Solutions

Wire Group works towards a Conscious Economy - a value(s) driven economy that has well-being for all of life as its foundation. We are a holistic wealth partner and have been a specialist in impact investing and conscious wealth allocation since 2010. As a collective of individuals, families and strategic partners, we research and develop ways to manage wealth in a way that generates multiple returns: social, ecological, financial and personal.

As Chief Conscious Solutions at Wire Group, Michiel continuously scans for emergent ways that can improve the current economic model, make it more regenerative and work towards a Conscious Economy. Michiel helps clients to build Conscious Wealth portfolios, develop their own impact strategies and source investments that meet their specific interests and 'theories of change'.

After the presentations, you'll split off into breakout groups, where the speakers answer your questions.

* The content of this event does not constitute professional and/or financial advice but is intended to give you a flavour of what is out there in this field. 

What is PYM

PYM is an independent foundation that connects and guides wealth owners to invest their capital consciously for a better world. We are a peer-to-peer community of families, philanthropists, individual investors, family offices, and foundations.
We believe in the power of money as a force for good. That is why we promote listed and non-listed impact investing. You can invest successfully in businesses, directly or through funds, that have a purpose beyond profit.

We focus on investors in the Benelux, but we welcome everyone who shares our goals to join us.


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