Achim Hensen

Achim is a co-founder of the Purpose Foundation and Purpose Ventures.

The Purpose Foundation supports steward-owned companies and advocates for them.
Purpose Ventures invests in startups founded in steward ownership and offers customized advisory services to startups and mature-sized businesses to help founders and business leaders develop ownership and financing structures that align with their purpose, strategy, and long-term vision.

Achim is a trained business psychologist and studied “Management and Entrepreneurship”. His professional experiences range from working with Startsocial – a program to transfer knowledge from the private sector to social projects and as a consultant and research analyst in China, Singapore and the US for the management consultancy Nextpractice. He also supported Traum-Ferienwohnungen GmbH – an online marketplace for holiday rentals – with rapid and successful growth being responsible for Product Management, company building and organizational development.

His passion lies in building and scaling "self-managed" and purpose-driven organizations and bringing them to their full potential.