Alexandra Korijn

Alexandra (Alie) Korijn is passionate about enabling systems change so that mother earth and all her inhabitants can thrive. She is the curator for the PYM Impact Days and Women's Wealth Matters events. She also leads the IMP+ initiative, which seeks to create more clarity and alignment on systems change investing, and how it differentiates from impact investing.  
She is Chair of the Board of Toniic, a global community of active impact investors; Management Board Member of Soil Heroes Foundation, enabling the transition to regenerative agriculture; and Board Member of Decade of Action, an action tank towards enabling the regenerative movement in the Netherlands.

Previously, Alie was the Associate Director at Enclude Capital, providing capital solutions for impact funds, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and foundations. She co-authored the report ‘Systems Change: An Emerging Practice in Impact Investing’, a research report supported by Open Society Foundations, and co-authored 'The Missing Link: Connecting International Capital Markets with Sustainable Landscape Investments', supported by the Dutch Government, amongst others.