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Anouk Bloemers

Anouk Bloemers: since 2000 working as a relationship therapist and psychodrama therapist. Looking together for what gives you courage, or rather prevents you from standing up for what you believe in, to feel the courage to let go or take hold of, to give back what you have held on to, and accept what destiny is yours, to walk for yourself the path that was already laid out for you, you only have to choose it yourself. Looking at your patterns and desires with a smile and a tear, that's what I do it for. From a systemic view, combined with EFT and psychodrama, you explore what you need to let your power flow fully.

I myself have been looking for years at why money had such an important paralyzing force in my life.

There were so many themes attached to it.
Guilt, perpetration, power and impotence, inequality, but also freedom and wings (if you are allowed to use them yourself). It became apparent that there is a big difference between people whose money originated from an inheritance (family capital) and that it is money earned by themselves. How does this work for you? Do you have a free relationship with money? Do you have “ownership” over your capital? 

I would like to invite you to explore your own relationship with money and discover how it can flow even more so that you can use your money for a better world for yourself and the people around you.