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Boudewijn Poelmann

Boudewijn Poelmann (1949) is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He founded Novamedia in 1983 and co-founded the Postcode Lottery in 1989. From 2005 onwards he co-founded Postcode Lotteries in Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Norway. Each year they together raise around 800 million euros for Charities, NGO’s and UN organizations. It makes Novamedia the largest fundraiser on earth and the second largest private donor in the world. 

In 2020 Poelmann founded Phase2.Earth, which is a venture capital impact investing fund that supports the SDGs by investing in impactful start-ups. To date, the fund has made 9 investments, ranging from vegan meat to the energy transition. 

Poelmann firmly believes these new ventures will transform their respective sectors and is committed to contributing to their success.