Gijsbert Koren

Gijsbert is the founder of We Are Stewards and a pioneer in the field of crowdfunding.

Together with his 4 colleagues at Stichting We Are Stewards, Gijsbert is committed to stimulating the adoption and development of steward-ownership in the Netherlands. Besides numerous field-building activities to put steward ownership on the map, We Are Stewards advises starting and established companies on the transition to steward ownership. In doing so, We Are Stewards collaborates with a network of legal advisors.

If we are truly serious about the sustainable transitions we face, it is time for a new look at the foundation of our economy: ownership. It is time for steward ownership!

Before it became Gijsbert's mission to make steward ownership commonplace, he contributed to the rise and development of crowdfunding in the Netherlands as co-founder of CrowdAboutNow and advisor. Together with colleagues, he created more than 450 crowdfunding campaigns for sustainable frontrunners such as Studio Roosegaarde, Fairphone and Seepje.