Jenny Elissen

Jenny Elissen is a creative business strategist, impact investor and supervisory board member.

She spent the first 20 years of her career in new business development, innovation and communication. She was Strategy Director and part of the management team of Oglivie One Worldwide and became a partner of the Company Group in the Netherlands, where she founded and grew several companies. The Company Group was sold to TBWA (Omnicom) and Jenny became CMO and later CEO of TBWA. She left in December 2003 seeking new sources of inspiration. 

Fascinated by new world design, Jenny authored two books about system change: ‘Perfect World Principle’ in 2011 and ‘From big ideas to giant leaps’ in 2019. 
She now divides her time between growing new ventures, her own burgeoning business and being a board member on a number of Supervisory boards that are on a bridge to sustainable transformation. 

Beyond that, Jenny lives in her own permaculture garden in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands.