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Your path to impact

Are you a wealth owner who would like to help solving the pressing problems of the world from climate change to hunger, from disease to fair market access? Are you looking for like-minded spirits? Join our community, your journey starts here.

Join our community

Are you a wealth owner interested in impact investing? Are you looking for like-minded spirits who also invest their capital meaningfully?
Your journey to becoming a conscious investor starts with us!

PYM - the conscious investors’ community
Being a PYMer provides an exclusive platform for you to meet and deepen your relationship with peers, connect with industry experts, receive tailor-made information on impact investing and referrals, take part in virtual and in-person PYMer-only events, and gain access to other sector events.
Thanks to our trusted partners we can keep it for free.

PYMer's benefits

As a PYMer and part of the PYM community, your benefits include:

  • Peer-to-peer network: meet new friends and like-minded investors over a cup of coffee or dinner, and learn from each other’s experiences and stories
  • Knowledge: learn from your peers and receive curated industry information through our newsletters and members-only events
  • Investment opportunities: at our Investor Tables you can meet fellow members, entrepreneurs, and fund & bank managers who share the same investment preferences.
  • PYMer discounts: receive discounts to a selected number of leading industry events

Partner with us

We are excited to partner with organizations that share our passion for impact investing, respect our independence, and are open to collaboration. We welcome warm and open relations with funds, wealth advisors, and private banks.

Thé opportunity for wealth advisors and private banks
More than 80% of wealth owners would like to learn more about impact investing according to various sources. The NextGens are particularly interested in investing for good. We offer a stepping stone to learn how they can make a positive impact with their wealth through the unique experience and expertise within our community and network.
Learning more about investing meaningfully offers a huge opportunity for you to better serve your clients!

Join us as a Trusted Partner
We would love to hear from you and are happy to discuss various partnership options.

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Work with us

Do you have a passion for impact investing? Are you enthusiastic about our mission and do you enjoy working in a startup environment? We don't have any openings at the moment, but please feel free to reach out, we are always interested in hearing from you.


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