Women's Wealth Matters - Amsterdam Meetup  (Dutch)
Tuesday 8 November 2022, 15:00 - 18:00 CET

The current edition of Women's Wealth Matters will be hosted in Dutch. In the new year, we will again host English-language online editions of Women's Wealth Matters, including for those who cannot attend in person on 8 November.

Please go to the Dutch version of the website to see the full event description.

This event is for Dutch-speaking female wealth holders only. If you know women who are interested in giving meaning to their money, please forward this page. They are very much welcome to join! 

Why attend WWM?

  • Join a diverse network of women: seasoned investors and nextgens
  • Gain more clarity about your purpose to invest for good
  • Walk away with new insights, inspiration, and connections
  • It's a safe space for female wealth holders only

Meet our host

Alexandra Korijn

Alexandra (Alie) Korijn is passionate about the restoration of Mother Earth, and the systems change needed to make it happen. She is an impact investor and impact consultant, and a board member of Toniic, Pymwymic, Soil Heroes Foundation, and Decade of Action.

Meet our speaker

Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker, when she first joined Pymwymic in the mid-1990s, was an impact investor before the term was coined. She had just sold her communications agency, which she was unable to continue when she began to question the values of the clients she worked for. Lisette has been a board member of several pioneering organizations such as Environmental Awareness Foundation (NL), the Findhorn Foundation (UK), and the Center for Human Emergence (NL). She is the current chair of the board of Pymwymic, the pioneering cooperative investing in regenerative agriculture and healthy food. She is also the author of several books.

The content of this event does not constitute professional and/or financial advice but is intended to give you a flavor of what is out there in this field. 

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