Women’s Wealth Matters - World Café Online

Let’s talk about our relationship with money

Women’s Wealth Matters (WWM) facilitates the conversation among women about a wide range of topics. During this session, we explore our relationship with money, learn about wealth management and get inspired by the journey of experienced women investors to create impact with their capital.

When: Tuesday 24 November 2020 from 16:00 till 18:00 CET
Hosts: Corinne Heijn and Tamar Guttmann

The program is designed in a way that will be meaningful and relevant for all participants, regardless of how advanced you are in ‘your investment journey’. Some of you are experienced impact investors, others are just getting familiar with the concept. 

What can you expect?
A safe space where you are able to connect with women in a similar situation, find recognition and understanding, and learn from fellow women sharing their personal ‘money stories’ and impact journeys.

The World Café Process
This is a creative process for sharing stories and harnessing the collective wisdom of a group. We will be working in small groups of five to six people addressing a series of deepening questions about the topic during ‘breakout rooms’ on the zoom platform. These small group conversations of about twenty minutes will be led by table hosts. We then return to the plenary session to ‘harvest’ together what we have learned or were inspired by - just as we would do face to face.

Round 1: Our personal ‘money stories’

  • Plenary - personal sharing: two women will share their personal ‘money stories’ (six minutes each)
  • Breakouts with six participants each

Round 2: Women and their wealth management 

  • Plenary - presentations by
    • Lisa Renstrom, activist and co-founder of ValuesAdvisor, about her journey and experience as an impact investor in finding the right financial  advisor
    • Sophie Robé, sharing her views on advisors in impact investing in Europe

Round 3: Women investors share their impact journey

  • Plenary - four experienced women investors share how they create impact with their money (three minutes each)
  • Breakouts - with six participants each