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Our community consists of many individuals and families who all have one thing in common: they want to make their money work for a better world, to make investments in alignment with their values. Read the stories about their impact journey.

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Suzanne Rosman joins PYM as director

As of the 13th of May, Suzanne Rosman has joined PYM to lead and strengthen the organisation to expand its rapidly growing community of impact investors and professionals in Europe.

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Mother and daughters invest together in impact

Nanke Den Daas and her daughters Wieteke and Lonneke Zuure established their impact investment Family Office in 2019. The three women invest, both in funds and directly, in regenerative agriculture and water, inspired by an array of wisdom.

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We need to be willing to embrace the new

Idgar van Kippersluis is our newest PYM ambassador. He began his career in management consulting and then founded a hands-on investment company. But after almost twenty years in private equity, he is now looking for more impact. 

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Interview with the PYM Impact Days team kopie

Since 2011, the Impact Days have grown into the most prominent gathering for private wealth holders in the Benelux (and beyond) that focuses purely on impact. This year, we are once again bringing the impact investment community together. 

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Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance 2023

 PYM's Alexandra Korijn is among this year's Top 50 Women in Sustainable Financ, this list gathers female leaders in the Netherlands who are dedicated to driving sustainability within the financial sector.

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Money is a means, not an end

André Annicq is a long-standing member of PYM. He has headed several companies and is currently leading FluiTec, a disruptor in the emerging CleanTech space.

Fuel for change at every scale

Willemijn is a Dutch impact investor, strongly focused on Africa. She has worked in healthcare & wellness throughout her career, aiming to improve people’s well-being.

Just begin and let it be a journey

After Jolanda brought one of the first online travel companies to great success, she decided to put all her know-how into the world of impact investing; looking for investments where she could really make a difference.

The responsibility to do something

Together with his wife Astrid Guus started researching philanthropy first, but it did not feel like the answer to their situation. And then impact investing was brought to their attention

Impact Investor Podcast

One of our founders, Frank van Beuningen, spoke with the Impact Investor Podcast about starting the Impact Investing movement in the Netherlands and how he sees its future.

Dear Earth

During PYM’s Impact Days, our perspective of ‘Mother Nature’ was challenged. We thought we’d further explore this through an interview with Earth.

Journey of Change

After selling his company in 2015, Fernando embarked on a journey of change. Together with his father he started a family office dedicated to impact investing, 

The total portfolio approach

Peter started engaging in philanthropy very early on in his career. After a while, however, he became aware that his ‘helping’ was not very effective.

In the news in Belgium

PYM's Belgian boardmember Myleen Verstraete spoke with van Lanschot BE, BNP Paribas Fortis & Marie-Claire about impact investing. (in Dutch)

Endless possibilities

Eva Yazhari built an impact investment fund impacting the lives of over 20 million low-income individuals through market-based solutions. 

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