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Interview with the Impact Days team

"We want to turn the ripples into waves!"

Since 2011 the Impact Days have grown into the most prominent gathering for private wealth holders in the Benelux (and beyond) that focuses purely on impact. This year, we are once again bringing the impact investment community together. The PYM Impact Days team shares what you can expect.

How did the Impact Days come about 13 years ago?

Frank - My wife Margaret and I hosted wealth holders at our kitchen table in the hopes of inspiring them towards impact investing. And Margaret said "Those one-on-one conversations won't make a difference. We need to think bigger." That's when we started the Impact Days. At first together with SOCAP in America, later with Pymwymic and now it has become the PYM-Impact Days.

What is it like to organize the PYM Impact Days?

Liet - I have so much fun working with Frank and Ignaz. All three of us bring to the table different insights, ideas, and experiences that we use in curating the program. It won't be a formal conference but rather a super inspirational two days that we'd love to attend as participants ourselves 

Frank - Every year we have a different theme and we are so excited about getting to curate a full program around that with the right speakers. In the end, it always turns into something magical.

The Impact Days team

What is the theme for PYM Impact Days 2024?

Liet - The theme this year is Ancient Wisdom for Future Transformation. We are not only going to listen to the wisdom of others but also to our inner wisdom. That will spark new insights that you can use to harness your wealth for future transformation, for the future we want to see for the next generations.

Frank - Two years ago we spoke about biodiversity and regeneration, last year about what a new economy might look like. Our themes are evolving to become more and more in-depth. Ancient Wisdom has a spiritual touch of course, but those people had so much wisdom. We are now going back to that time to hear what we can learn from our predecessors.

Why is this theme important for investors?

Frank - Many investors would like to do more with their money than just make financial returns. These Impact Days will help them think about this from new perspectives.

Liet - It starts with your own story. If you have already made the move to become a more conscious investor, and aspire to social or environmental returns in addition to financial returns, then learning about the value of inner wisdom can help you take action more holistically.

What is the value of the PYM Impact Days for private wealth holders?

Ignaz - Just as indigenous wisdom is a local force, PYM is a local community like no other!

Liet - When do you ever get the chance to talk about your wealth with others in a completely safe setting? It is something very personal. Being able to share openly with each other is like coming home.

What if you have no experience at all with impact investing?

Ignaz - It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or have been actively investing in impact for years. In such a warm environment, you can always learn from each other and share experiences.

Is there any news about the speakers?

Liet - We have speakers who will share their personal stories, for example, Angaangaq, an 'elder' from Greenland, and Lisa Kleissner the co-founder of Toniic who is coming to share how she uses her inner wisdom to deploy her wealth. But also John Fullerton from Capital Institute. He will speak on a more macroeconomic level about regenerative economics.

We will then build on that with practical examples of impact investors investing from a holistic lens. Finally, we discuss how to turn that into actions and start investing in the future.

What's new this year?

Liet - We looked at how we can lecture less, and instead co-create more with everyone. 

After hearing from the inspiring keynote speakers we will engage in small group discussions, in a World Café setting, to hear how others do it, and what concrete steps we can take as a community. 

Frank - What also is new this year is that the first full day, including the dinner, is for private wealth holders only. On the second day, we also welcome impact investment professionals, to create an even larger wave of impact together.

What do you hope the PYM Impact Days will bring about this year?

Ignaz - To inspire even more impact investors and professionals, and to strengthen their inner wisdom.

Liet - I hope to learn to trust my intuition even more when looking at investments and what is needed in the world that I could contribute to.

And for all of us, that even after the Impact Days we continue to spread the understanding that you can use your money as a tool for good.

Frank - That the stone we throw into the pond together not only creates ripples but makes real waves!

One last message for the readers?

Liet - Join us! And bring others for whom it might be a gift to become part of the PYM community and contribute to the world we build together.

Frank - Join us! Because this is the only conference in the Netherlands, Belgium and Europe that is designed for private wealth holders who want to have a positive impact on the world, but that also facilitates coming together with professionals. It is truly unique.

About PYM

PYM is an independent foundation that connects and guides wealth owners to invest their capital consciously for a better world. We are a peer-to-peer community of families, philanthropists, individual investors, family offices, and foundations.
We believe in the power of money as a force for good. That is why we promote listed and non-listed impact investing. You can invest successfully in businesses, directly or through funds, that have a purpose beyond profit.

We focus on investors in the Benelux, but we welcome everyone who shares our goals to join us.


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