PYM Belgium Impact Investing Day 2022

“Thank you very much for this event. It was very nice to have our community together again in one room. If the "newbies" aren't convinced now!”

We're looking back at an incredibly inspiring first Impact Investing Day in Brussels on March 17. It was great hearing the stories of all these (new) Belgian impact investors in person, and to learn from impactful Belgian social entrepreneurs! 

Thursday 17 March we came together with nearly 100 new and experienced Belgian impact investors at the University Foundation in Brussels and what a great event it was. Over 90% of our guests have been inspired to start investing (more) in impact!

"My main takeaway? Do it - don't wait!"

"Great atmosphere, wonderful speakers, interesting talks, and like-minded people"

We'd like to thank everyone involved for making this event a success.

The social entrepreneurs, for presenting their impactful business cases:
Karen Boers
Steven De Laet - 
Niki de Schryver - COSH!
and Thomas Poelmans - NAMé Recycling

Alex Houtart for explaining very clearly the theory behind Impact Investing.

The seasoned Impact Investors for sharing their impact journeys:
Myleen Verstraete
Piet Colruyt
Els Thermote
Charles-Antoine Janssen

Sam Desimpel for moderating.

And Frédéric de Mévius for enlightening our dinner with the story about his recent move into the impact investment world.

And of course our Ambassadors of Impact Investing in Belgium:
Piet Colruyt, François de Borchgrave, Loïc De Cannière, Anthony De Ceulaer, Sam Desimpel, Marc Flammang, Annuska Hendrix, Sofie-Anne Heyse, Thibaut Meurice, Els Thermote and Wouter Vandersypen

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