Mother Earth

“Like every being, I’d love to be treated as an equal. I am often referred to as Mother Earth but I’d rather be Lover or Partner Earth."

During PYM’s Impact Days, our perspective of ‘Mother Nature’ was challenged. We thought we’d further explore this through an interview with Earth.

Dear Earth,

What is your current relationship with humanity?
Today, I might call it a bit toxic.. the relationship has become characterized by a lack of respect, care, and awareness. My trees are being uprooted, my soils depleted and my oceans emptied. Humans have become radical, rogue, and self-centered, taking more than they are willing to give. It is not a sustainable union. 

What would a good relationship look like?
Like every being, I’d love to be treated with respect. I am often referred to as Mother Earth but I’d rather be Lover or Partner Earth. I don’t want to be taken for granted. I want an active and adult relationship instead, one in which both sides give and take, and care and protect with mutual commitment and respect.

What do you consider the biggest obstacles to change?
Humans don’t understand they are an integral part of nature. They can’t survive without nature. They are nature, and need to trust in its power. If only humans could see how much they already have access to, and how much more they are capable of, without having to compromise me, they would experience the true abundance that flows from our partnership. 

What is the one thing that we can do to create immediate change? 
Humans can change: change how much and what they consume; change how they invest their time and money and change their relationship with me. 
An important tool in accomplishing this change is reciprocity: appreciate what you take from me by giving back. Even if it’s just a little. A regenerative mindset is a perfect tool for practicing this reciprocity, it gives human beings the role of co-creator, with accountability and responsibility. Together we can care for life on earth. 

Shall we?

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