PYM Impact Circles

Circles of 6-12 investors interested in impact, gathering to deepen their knowledge of Sustainable and Impact Investing

The PYM Impact Circles are for those of you who :
- want to explore how to better align their values with their investments
- want to deepen their understanding of Sustainable and Impact Investing
- want to learn with like-minded peers
- are wealth owners

Circles’ details: 
- Starting October / November 2021
- Commitment to 6 meetings
- Once a month through April/May 2022
- Mostly in person, online if necessary
- In the Benelux, with at least 2 groups in Amsterdam
- Depending on preferences either in Dutch or in English

Various PYMers have volunteered to lead these circles in teams of two, including experienced impact investors and professionals

Core Curriculum: 
Our core curriculum is organized around six meetings. Each meeting will include an expert presentation, time for group discussions on the personal planning process of impact investing and time to share. There might be pre-meeting homework.

Meeting 1:  Getting to know each other/overview of impact investing
Meeting 2:  Clarifying your goals and values/sharing our money stories
Meeting 3:  Direct Investments/understanding our appetite for risk and engagement 
Meeting 4:  Public markets (ESG and Shareholder Activism)/understanding our current holdings
Meeting 5:  Private Equity and Debt Impact Funds/sharing experiences 
Meeting 6:  Holistic financial planning/creating your own investment plan

Next steps:
If you are interested, please send a mail ( with your name, email address, telephone number, and a short motivation. We will get in touch with you soon.