Charles-Antoine Janssen

Charles-Antoine Janssen is an impact investor focused on health care access skilling and regenerative agriculture. In 2012, Charles co-founded Kois, a global impact investing firm (blended finance structuring and asset management) active in health care, education/skilling, and living environments. He is a member of the investment committee of two Kois venture capital funds: HealthQuad (India health care delivery and technology innovations) and Tara IV (India health care and social entrepreneurship focus). He serves on the Board of the following private companies: Regency Hospitals, Medikabazaar, THB, Lilac Insights, TC4AI, GoJob, Trusted Family, and Imbra. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Quadria and Lighthouse. 

In 2001, Charles joined UCB (a CNS, immunology, and bone R&D-driven biopharma company). Among other responsibilities, he was Head of Global Business Development, General Manager of Austria and India, and managed International Major Markets Operations. He joined the Board of Tubize in 2011, the Board of UCB in 2012, and UCB’s Audit Committee in 2015. Charles worked for Merrill Lynch in London from 1996-2000 where he was Vice President of Equities Research, and then Vice President of New Derivatives, Europe.

Over the years, Charles has volunteered with several nonprofit organizations (UNHCR, MSF) and founded socially driven nonprofit organizations (Toolbox Belgium and Toolbox India). He is a member of the Board of Mind & Life Europe, a nonprofit organization aimed at building bridges between contemplative and contemporary sciences. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Brussels University and completed the Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School. Until his 2016 move to India, Charles was Assistant Professor of social entrepreneurship at the Solvay Brussels School of Management and Economics at Brussels University.