Thomas Poelmans

In 2015, Thomas co-founded NAMé Recycling with partner Roblain Namegni. 

NAMé Recycling NV/SA is a plastic recycling company with headquarters in Belgium and operations in Africa. NAMé Recycling collects plastic waste  (PET/HDPE/LDPE) from businesses, households and from the streets and rivers in Cameroon & Gabon which are recycled and sold on the local and international market. NAMé Recycling currently operates 2 recycling facilities in Cameroon and 1 in Gabon with a maximum capacity of 5.000 tonnes/yr. Since the start in 2016 they have collected & recycled the equivalent of 150 million plastic bottles. 

Thomas began his career at Deloitte as a senior consultant with a focus on risk 
management, fraud investigations & project management in Africa. He then supported the start-up of WorldLoop, an organisation that has set up 20 e-waste recycling companies across Africa, with support from international organisations (UNIDO, UNEP) and international recycling companies (Remewi, Umicore).