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We are a peer-to-peer community of wealth owners, deeply aware of the impact our investments can have in the world. We believe in the power of money as a force for good

PYM - The conscious investors’ community

PYM is an independent foundation that connects and guides wealth owners to invest their capital consciously for a better world. We are a peer-to-peer community of families, philanthropists, individual investors, family offices and foundations.

Your money matters
We believe in the power of money as a force for good. That is why we promote listed and non-listed impact investing. You can invest successfully in businesses, directly or through funds, that have a purpose beyond profit.
Companies are stepping up their efforts to do better business - socially and environmentally while remaining profitable. Entrepreneurs choose to be in business to help solve the biggest challenges our planet and humanity are facing. Traditional investors are pushed towards responsible investing. The EU will soon require institutional investors to disclose environmental and social risks in their investments.
Our mission
We seek to inspire wealth owners to invest and donate their money meaningfully and effectively. We want to be a leading light in your journey to be a conscious investor.
We focus on investors in the Benelux, but we welcome everyone who shares our goals to join us.

Our activities

PYM is a community of and for wealth owners who are passionate about investing for good. Everything we do revolves around peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange.

What do we do?
PYM inspires, educates and guides wealth owners and their families to invest in what matters most to them, our planet and future generations. We bring together investors - from the next-generation to their parents and grandparents -, advisors and other impact investment networks in a safe environment.
Unique peer-to-peer dialogue
We are a community where you can share your beliefs, expertise and connections and learn from each other. Within our community, we have a wealth of knowledge and a deep network among impact investment professionals and funds.
Exclusive stories and insights from changemakers
With our newsletter, peer-to-peer meetings, investor tables, the Women's Wealth Matters program, our flagship Impact Days (and Family Day), we reach the growing group of private investors in the Benelux. 

Meet our team

PYM stems from the first impact investment community in Europe, the Put Your Money Where Your Meaning is Community (Pymwymic) founded in 1994. Pymwymic has developed into an impact fund. To grow the investor community and facilitate collaboration, we founded PYM as an independent foundation.

As investors, we have benefited from collaborating and exchanging ideas with several impact investing communities, banks and family offices. We wanted to open up our community to every wealth owner who is interested in investing their capital consciously.

Liet van Beuningen
Maurits Schouten
Laura Koenders

Our board

  • Liet van Beuningen (chair)
  • Frank van Beuningen (secretary)
  • Maurits Schouten (treasurer)
  • Myleen Verstraete (board member)
  • Veerle Berbers (board member)

Our Trusted Peers

We are proud to have some very experienced members who we call our Trusted Peers. They are happy to get you started on your investment journey by sharing their experience, insights, network, and opportunities.

Would you like to get in contact with one of our Trusted Peers? Please send us an email.

Meet some of our Trusted Peers

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